Nick is fairly new to the Hope Center and to Oroville. He came from Colorado, and through series unfortunate events landed on the streets. He showed up at the Hope Center after his bag was stolen with all of his belongings and ID inside. He had no idea where to even start to rebuild his life. He came across Justin, our Outreach Pastor, who was able to connect him with the right people. While Nick’s paperwork is in process he has reached out to help with, City Quest. One of the ministries run through the Hope Center to help families in need with food, prayer and even furniture in the most extreme cases. I met Nick the first time shortly after one of these outings, he was one of the helpers, sandbagging an elderly gentlemen’s house, when Oroville had flood warnings just recently. His plan is to get himself set up here in town, then when he has the finances and means to move, he will go home to Colorado to be with his children.