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Nick’s Story

Nick’s Story

Nick is fairly new to the Hope Center and to Oroville. He came from Colorado, and through series unfortunate events landed on the streets. He showed up at the Hope Center after his bag was stolen with all of his belongings and ID inside. He had no idea where to even... read more

Randy’s Story

As I stood at the back of the warehouse talking to different people. I was introduce to Randy as one of the men that is a source of information. I shook his hand and asked, “If I can ask him some questions regarding his experience at the Hope Center.” He shrugged his... read more

Eric’s Story

I first learned of the Hope Center when I was at a church. I was having a hard time making ends meet. My wife and I had hit hard times. Both being of fixed incomes, did not help matters as our children needed food. It was that kind of period in your life where you are... read more

Steve’s Story

I am a Vietnam Veteran and I have been homeless for 26 years.  For about 5 years I have been receiving Survival Services with dedication, grace and compassion from the staff.  As I developed a relationship with them, they would help me navigate all the many resources... read more

Mary’s Story

For three years, my son and I lived in domestic violence shelters and couch surfed.  As I began to slowly reach out for help, I came to the Hope Center.  They helped us with Survival Services and housing resources.  We now have an apartment that was helped furnished... read more

Danny’s Story

The first time I experienced the Hope Center was through the City Quest Outreach Ministry which came and blessed our apartment complex with food, furniture and prayer.  I felt so blessed by what I was seeing and the love I felt, that I wanted to give back.  So I began... read more

Chuck’s Story

 After serving 18 years in the State Penitentiary, I was released in Oroville and went to the Hope Center.  While there, they provided me with basic survival services; clothes and food, but also the staff showed me kindness, courtesy, respect and most of all, the love... read more

Dawn’s Story

Three and a half years ago I was heavy into my addiction into drugs and alcohol.  At least one year of that time I was homeless.  No matter how lost, lonely or how hard it was to love myself for what I was going through, I knew that I could come to the Hope Center and... read more

Jill’s Story

  My name is Jill and I love Jesus Christ!   A year ago I would have never proclaimed this.  My recovery began in 2005, but really it wasn’t until I contacted a close friend and believer needing direction and guidance.  It was then that I made a leap of faith towards... read more

Henry’s Story

Today I choose to stay in the solution and not the problem.  The Hope Center clearly provides me a living example of where I could very easily end up in less fortunate circumstances should I choose to pick up another drink.  Like they say in the program, “I may have... read more

Todd’s Story

Todd was living in an orchard, struggling with a serious alcohol addiction, sometimes drinking a gallon or more of whiskey a day. One day someone told him about The Hope Center, so he came here asking for help. He was connected with Catherine Sparrow of the ACADC,... read more

Dan’s Story

I have lived between homes for about 30 years after I destroyed my family with addiction.  I came to the Hope Center for the hot meals.  One day as I was eating, I sat at a table with a couple younger men,  As I was listening to them talk, one of them asked me how old... read more