The Hope Center provides a place for people to engage our community by learning to serve others. Often the people we encounter at The Hope Center are facing addiction & recovery, incarceration aftercare, or reestablishment of employability and job skills training. By providing Service Opportunities, workers have a safe place to encounter and serve the neediest people in our community, which often causes a positive change in perspective regarding their own obstacles.
Our Service Opportunities include:
  •  The Hope Center volunteer program
This program is for people who are strictly volunteers
  • Court appointed community service hours
Through the court system, some people have the option to convert fines to community service hours.
  • Recovery Program community service hours
Many local recovery programs require a certain amount of community service hours to be served as a portion of their recovery program.
  • Butte County Employment Programs including Work Experience and CalWorks/TANF
People are employed at local organizations through Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services while they receive county benefits and helps them re-establish a work history.
  • Experience Works
This federal program employs seniors (age 55+) at local organizations to help them re-enter the work force.
  • Section 8 Hours
People receiving Section 8 Housing Assistance are now required to perform 8 community service hours per quarter.